altima hosting, a Kentico partner

As a Kentico partner for hosting development, altima hosting presents its Kentico hosting package for sites developed with this platform. The Kentico CMS guarantees your site's speed under all conditions, handling heavy traffic loads with low page loading times. Discover the Kentico hosting package and experience the expertise of the altima hosting teams who will guide you towards the most appropriate solution for you.

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Kentico hosting
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Kentico is a CMS/CMX solution based on microsoft .NET technology. There are over 15,000 sites operating around the world (87 countries) using this technology.

Kentico is a very active editor which offers a new major version every year. Version 7 has been available since October 2012.
This solution offers many impressive, native functionalities which go beyond just a standard market CMS solution:

  • Content management: a powerful content publishing engine, content versions, up-to-date publication, Multi-lingual, Widgets, SEO-Friendly, Staging...
  • Social media & Communities: Facebook connect, advice and comments on all kinds of content, forums, blogs, surveys, friend management engine, chat, messaging, automatic sharing on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest...
  • E-commerce: Catalog management/Products/Categories, promotional offers, Cross/Up selling, payment and delivery, reporting...
  • But also intranet functionalities, CRM, marketing, web analytics, A/B testing...

Kentico hosting


Kentico hosting

altima° is a Kentico partner for both development and hosting.

  • Flexibility: Kentico CMS functions very well using standard configuration on a classic Windows server. Kentico drives some of the most visited sites in the world including Sony, Vodafone and McDonald's, just to name a few. In order to bear this kind of significant traffic load, we can easily configure Kentico CMS in webfarm mode. In this mode, Kentico proposes automatic integrated file and memory synchronization mechanisms between servers.

    Kentico can meet all needs using state-of-the-art functionnalities, such as :
  • Built-in webfarm functionalities and load balancing mode
  • Dedicated servers to do specific tasks : media delivery, CDN, scheduled tasks
  • Granular cache system: you can choose which part of the web site has to be cached (pages, kind of files, web parts, etc)

Our approach


Our approach

Thanks to over ten years of experience in e-business hosting, we will advise you on your choice of technical solution. Depending on your needs, traffic and availability rate expected, our teams will define the best architecture to meet all of your web hosting needs.

Beyond hosting, altima°hosting isn't limited to just providing servers: we also perform stress tests on your application to know precisely the maximum load capacity without threatening your user experience.