altima hosting: quality hosting for your e-business site

altima Hosting is specialized in e-business solutions and brings over 14 years experience to ecommerce and application server hosting. altima hosting offers high level availability thanks to its two tier 3 and tier 4 data centers. altima hosting guarantees preventive facilities management with monitoring tools for better incident management. And altima hosting is also the guarantee of optimized data security as well as a hosting architecture designed for your e-business site traffic and enhanced user experience.

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Our objective is to maintain the optimal technical efficiency of your e-business website.

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A committed partner accountable for your hosting

Because hosting is the backbone of your business, we are 100% committed to you.

Beyond just providing hardware and services, as your hosting partner our mission is to provide you with optimal technical efficiency for your e-commerce website. We feel fully accountable for the quality provided by our systems be it software or hardware.

Regardless of the source of the problem, whether it is directly related to our services or not, our goal is to save you time and energy by taking the problem into our own two hands and finding the quickest technical solutions possible and in your best interest.

More than 99.95% available


More than 99.95% available

Because an e-commerce web site must be available at all times, we can promise you a minimum availability of 99.95% or 99.98% for the most demanding clients.

This high level of availability is possible thanks to our two tier 3 and tier 4 Datacenters as well as redundant hardware components such as routers, load balancers, power systems, doubled bandwidth... and by using VMWare, the highest performing solution for virtualization in order to bring you the most continuous service without fail.

The vast majority of hosting providers limit their scope of intervention to the delivery of quality infrastructures. We go beyond that and ensure that your site's vital services are fully functional. Preventive maintenance linked to monitoring tools enables us to intervene before any incident has occurred.

Optimal security for your data


Optimal security for your data

Your data is very important, and protecting it is our top priority.

We can guarantee your data's security by guarding against attacks such as security breaches (SQL injections, XSS injections...) and infrastructure breaches.

Breaches are identified by specialized agencies who transfer our teams the best practices to resolve them. Our teams are used to these issues, and our process and norms are what enable us today to ensure you that our infrastructures are armed with the highest level of security possible.

A quick site to better serve your business


A quick site to better serve your business

A quick site sells more and enhances user experience. Our 15 years of experience in e-commerce hosting gives us the skills necessary to optimize the load time of your pages.

The time spent loading dynamic content, the bandwidth quality (peering) and the hosting infrastructure quality are the essential elements to ensure optimal load time.

With altima°hosting, load time is:

  • Measured with tools such as Netvigie, which consolidates information using multiple ISPs.
  • Monitored for immediate reaction is the load time passes a certain limit.

with over 15 years of hosting experience, our experts know how important hosting is to the performance of your website: They can assist you by setting up source code optimization solutions, DB optimizations, setting up granular caching solutions.

Hosting architecture adapted to your traffic


Hosting architecture adapted to your traffic

altima°hosting provides the most adapted architecture to your needs to avoid useless spending. If an upgrade is necessary, we can set it up in under 24 hours.

Le temps de calcul des contenus dynamiques, la qualité des bandes passantes exploitées (Peering) et la qualité de l’infrastructure d’hébergement constituent les 3 éléments primordiaux qui nous permettent d’assurer un temps de chargement optimal.

With altima°hosting, your maximum traffic is:

  • Measured using analytics tools to set up the most efficient architecture possible.
  • Regularly controlled and evaluated with stress tests.
  • Steered in order to anticipate infrastructure upgrades (sales periods, Christmas, marketing campaigns...) and to detect an increase in the load due to software problems.
  • Monitored to immediately intervene to upgrade infrastructure capacities during traffic peaks.